AirPouch Void-Fill Value

AirPouch inflate-on-demand protective packing yields a significant cost saving as compared to other types of void-fill, such as peanuts, foam or paper. Air pillows offer the lightest weight solution for protective packing and are durable enough to provide excellent product protection in minimal space. AirPouch preformed pillows also come in a high-yield box that reduces shipping, storage and handling requirements.

AirPouch Void-Fill Value

  • EZ-Tear protection improves efficiency with pillows that are easily separated for optimum packing size and speed.
  • Durable and puncture resistant pillows inflate on demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • High-yield box material reduces changeover time
  • Pillows are clean dust-free and light weight
  • Printable pillows for branding
  • Airpouch pillows are infinitely recyclable, and come in EarthAware biodegradable and recycled blends
  • Always in-stock products available for easy ordering
  • Applications

    AirPouch EZ-Tear pillows are versatile, have many protective packaging uses, and are great for all void-fill applications, including:

  • Mail order fulfillment
  • Pharmaceutical fulfillment
  • Third party Logistic
  • Contract packaging and fulfillment
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