Welcome To Velmayil Plastik Exporters

Velmayil Plastik Exporters started functioning as a distributor house under the aegis of the Velmayil Group of Companies from 1991 onwards, to cater to the needs of small and big plastic manufacturers.

The main item concentrated was MASTER BATCHES (colour additive plastic granules) for colouring the plastic granules, in place of powder pigments which were being used during that period.

Product Key features & Advantages

  • Dust pollution during manufacturing is prevented
  • Saves power and production time and reduces production cost drastically
  • Best quality in an array of colours
  • Good compatibility with parent raw material
  • No toxicity and has no effect on people's health
  • Suitable for direct injection or extrusion by compounding resin & masterbatch
  • Improves processing & mechanical properties of plastics
  • No carrier so it can be applied to the various thermosensitive & engineering plastics
  • Especially suitable for ABS, Nylon, PS and so on, providing an attractive flame-retardant plastics
  • To Meet your Requirements...