Wrapping Protective Packaging Solutions

AirPouch-fast-inflate on demand protective packaging yields asignificant cost saving as compared to other types of wraping, such as foam sheeting, paper and pre-filled bundled bubble. AirPouch fastwrap wrapping bubbles are versatile, have many protective packaging uses, and area great for all void-fill applications.

Airpouch Fast Wrapping Value
  • Patented, Channel-filled honeycomb design prevents shipping damage, reducing product losses and returns
  • Durable and puncture resistant bubbies inflate on demand, saving valuable warehouse space
  • Wrapping bubbles are clean, dust-free and lightweight
  • Eliminates the bulky storage requirements of pre-filled bubble materials
  • High Yield boxed material reduces changeover time
  • patent-pending sealing system provides superior air retention
  • AirPouch FastWrap is infinitely recyclabe and available in both biodegradable and recycled blends
  • Mail order fulfillment
  • Pharamaceutical fulfillment
  • Third party Logistic
  • Contract Packaging and fulfilment
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