Grip Sheet

Pallet Stability

An anti-slip paper sheet used to reduce damage by protecting products distributed on pallets.

GRIP SHEET® is a non-slip, stabilizing, protective insert paper sheet that holds loads in place by increasing the coefficient of friction between the layers on a pallet and therefore reduces breakage and protects products distributed on pallets.


  • Paper Grip Sheets – Suggested for carton boxes and bags.
  • These PET Grip sheets are typically used for internal warehousing with repeated reuse of these PET Grip Sheets.

Features and benefits
  • Reduction of damages.
  • Reduction of load shifting on pallet.
  • Stabilization of unstable containers.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Safe stacking of loads on pallet.
  • Increase of load per pallet / reduces the number of pallets.
  • Reduces handling, transport costs, and pollution while it also helps increase sales.
  • Reduction of costs, delays and injuries caused by loads falling during handling and transportation.
  • Facilitate the handling of loads on pallet before stretch film.
  • Elimination of stretch film for internal handling and warehousing.
  • Reduction of the packaging costs, warehousing space and handling of packaging materials.
  • Improvement of your products and company’s image.
  • Grip sheets are totally non toxic and dust free.
  • Grip sheet paper can be recycled and reduced to paper pulp.
  • Reusable & Recyclable.
  • Protects products against humidity coming from the pallet.
  • Prevents crushing of goods when goods are packed using column stacking with Grip Sheet.
  • Grip Sheet is water repellent and has a low permeability to gases. It helps in the protection of products from moisture.
  • Grip Sheet has a low unit price and is comfortably competitive with alternative methods of stabilization.
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