Slip Sheet

Pallet Replacement

The most advanced replacement to pallet to serve your logistics and goods handling

Features and benefits
  • Eliminate Slippage and Secure Loads
  • Maintains products in place by friction, does not stick nor alter containers
  • No need to attach the stretch film like would be done with a pallet
  • No need for extra tabs in the up position to secure goods to them with stretch film
  • No need to use palletizing adhesive that can damage containers, no requirement for any glue application equipment and any additional setting or curing time to be able to move or ship
  • Higher productivity
  • Loads can be moved safely and faster on conveyors and forklifts
  • Increase safety
  • Less potential for goods to fall from the load and to cause injuries or damages
  • Eliminate Multiple Sheets Feeding
  • By construction and design, only one Slip Sheet is picked-up each time

What you require ?
Need a fork lift attachment to lift the Slip sheet which can be either hydraulic and non-hydraulic systems

What you save ?
You can save a lot of money when you make the change from wooden pallets to Slip Sheet: the cost of materials alone drops so significantly that any company should consider this option. Savings on material costs can be 80% or even more when compared to wooden pallets. Minimum space is required for storage of the sheets, thus reducing warehousing costs.

Better use of space in containers and vehicles which will reduce transportation costs. Slip Sheets are very light, which means major savings on air freight cost.